Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance

Ally Training II

Length: 3 hours, but can be customized

Ally Training II is designed for people who have preferably attended Ally Training I and/or have been actively involved in GLBTA communities. In this training, we explore the intersections of gender and sexuality with race, ethnicity, class, ability, age, faith and culture through a critical discussion of power and privilege.

Participants will have a space to consider how allies can help create inclusive and accessible environments in the many positions, roles and communities where we live and work, and share specific strategies for overcoming the barriers we face when advocating for GLBT issues and interrupting oppression.

Through a mix of facilitated activities, skill sharing, and small group work, attendees will increase their education and learn new advocacy tools, helping them become more effective change agents in all areas of their life.

Agenda Highlights:

Participants receive an Ally II Education Packet and an Ally II Activities Packet.