Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance

Train the Trainer: An "Ally Training" How-To

Length: 4.5 hours, but can be customized

Train the Trainer: An “Ally Training” How-To (or “Train the Trainer”) is designed to develop participants’ knowledge and skill base around GLBTA issues so that they may train around these issues themselves. Train the Trainer is tailored primarily towards staff, faculty, and students who are interested in launching a GLBT-specific training program (i.e. Safe Space, Safe Zone, Ally Program, etc.) at their own institution.

This training can be performed to an audience that has no prior knowledge or these issues. However, if possible, the MN Campus Alliance recommends that participants go through its full, three-hour Ally Training I beforehand in order to get some knowledge around GLBTA issues and experience being through training.

MN Campus Alliance customizes Train the Trainer to fit the need of the specific institution. Furthermore, MN Campus Alliance trainers are dedicated to support every institution that has undergone this training to ensure a GLBTA training program gets launched. It can help with discussing future strategies in developing a program, further professional and personal development of institutional trainers, and assisting with searching for resources or materials to strength the institution’s training program.

Agenda Highlights:

Participants receive a Train the Trainer Education Packet.